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Moving Tips

Packing Your Belongings
One of the things most try and do is to overload the boxes they are packing. Keep in mind, just because the items fit in the box does not necessarily mean it is the right fit. One rule to go by, after packing your box, try and lift it yourself. If you can not walk more than a few steps before having the need to put it down (because of the weight), It probably is too heavy for that box and may cause the box to break open or possibly damage some of your belongings. Heavier items should always be placed in the box first and be positioned on the bottom.

Purchase Plenty Of Packing Supplies

Most moves will require plenty of Tape, Boxes, Markers or Labels. Labels & Markers to label boxes.  Special wrapping material like Stretch Wrap, Bubble Wrap, etc can be used to help protect your items. Large plastic bags work great for cloths and lighter things.  At J & J we can provide or sell you all of these items.

Scheduling The Move 

If living in a condo or apartment, always make sure that the complex knows about your move. Some places require an appointment to use elevators or to be able to park in certain areas for loading or unloading. This will help your move go quicker and smoothly.​

Color Coding

To make the move and unpacking go smoother, try and place colored label dots or using different colored markers on boxes to easily define where that item or box goes. For example a Red dot or marker is for Kitchen. Blue for Bedroom. 

Communicating & Helping Movers Place Your Items

Remember you the customer know exactly where your stuff needs to go but the movers usually don't. So have someone at the door telling the movers as they come through where you want your items to be placed. It's our job to help you out but it just goes a lot easier and quicker when everyone knows where the items need to be placed. The Mover Is Your Frriend :)



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