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Please note that some have confused us with J & J Movers out of Wakefield, Mass. We are not in any way associate with that company.


We at J & J Services know that it can be tough to find the right mover. The type of mover that will keep communications open, give a fair price and more importantly move your possessions safely and securely.  At J & J we do all of that. J & J was started back in 1981 and continues to offer personalized service unmatched by most. We feel communication is the key to helping our customers make a smooth transition to their new place.

At J & J we have always felt that the customer should always know what the cost of their job will be Before they start, Not After the job is completed. This gives the customer a piece of mind with no need for them to be watching the clock. That can be stressful and moving is stressful enough.That's why when you call our office we go over your whole job, give you a written estimate which we stick by. We take all the guess work out of it.

We can offer referrals from previous customers so just ask.

So before making your choice, give J & J Services a chance to earn your business. Only takes a call at 603-672-0939, 603-672-8555 or 603-718-3131. Like our slogan states

" We Take The Hassle Out Of Moving Your Castle"

Call Us for a free estimate


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